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North Texas horse country offers an extremely diverse mixture of breeds, but is famous for Quarter Horses.

You will also find Thoroughbreds, Paints, Arabians, Appaloosas, Warmbloods and world champion horses in cutting, halter, western pleasure, reining and many other disciplines.


With mild winters and rich sandy soil, the area provides perfect conditions for training and working horses. The industry has made a huge economic impact on North Central Texas, and supports large breeding farms, training facilities, suppliers and product specialists that also attract professional horsemen.

Horse Country USA

The North Texas horse region is located approximately 35 miles north of Dallas and is known as “Horse Country USA”; it is estimated to have over 30,000 horses.

This area has one of the largest concentration of horse farms in the United States and covers an area in Denton County, north of Hwy 380, that extends north almost to the Oklahoma State line. Tours are available and you can find more details on Denton County website here.

You’ll find some of the best horse property in these area north of Dallas.

Let us help you find the horse property that suits your herd.

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